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Terms and Conditions



1. A deposit of 40% is required to place an order. The final 60% balance will be payable on completion of the installation. Estimate valid for 30 days.

2. This is an estimate only. Should further work be required during installation due to unforeseen problems, additional labour / materials to such after agreement, will be charged as an extra.

3. This estimate is subject to a gas working pressure test and flue / chimney test on the day of installation.

4. Prior to having a gas or solid fuel fire installed existing chimneys should be swept if required.

5. Prior to the fireplace installation taking place all surrounding furniture, pictures, mirrors, ornaments etc. should be cleared from the fireplace area / wall in order to allow easy access for the installation. If required carpets around the fire area should be lifted prior to installation. Engineer’s time spent moving furniture or lifting carpets will be charged as an extra.

6. During installation, a certain amount of dust should be expected and amounts will vary depending on the type of installation taking place. Our installers will use dust sheets during the installation however we recommend curtains, valuables and other soft furnishings be removed from the room.

7. Uneven floors and walls can result in gaps under the hearth or behind the mantel / fireplace. Our installers will do our best to compensate for this however for best results we may recommend having the wall plastered before or after installation depending on the type of fire.

8. Stone and Marble fireplaces are manufactured from natural materials and as such colour, veining and fossilisation variation can occur from photographs and any showroom displays that relate to these products. Any variation is out of our control and should not be regarded as faulty or substandard.

9. All multi-fuel / wood-burning stoves require a period of ‘burning in’. This involves small fires initially, gradually increasing with each fire. This process must be adhered to in order to ensure the products longevity.

10. User manuals must be read carefully prior to operating your appliance.

11. Product guarantees are between you and the manufacturer. Guarantee / warranty cards must be filled in and returned to the manufacturer. Please contact manufacturers directly should you experience any problems which are not related to the installation, within your guarantee period.

12. Consumable items such as fire bricks, baffles, glass, rope seal, ash pans and grids are consumable items and are not covered by a warranty. These items will deteriorate over time and will need replacing. The length of time that these parts last will depend on the type of fuel used, and how hot and long the stove is left to run. The firebricks, rope seal and primary baffles are subjected to a huge amount of stress while the stove is under fire and will appear stressed quite quickly and the bricks can sometimes crack. This does not mean their integrity is compromised and they will have plenty of life left in them.

13. Any plaster patching or plasterboard / fireboard installation carried out by Elements Fires will be left in a condition ready for a decorator or plasterer to finish.

14. Work guaranteed for one year after date of completion. All materials and fittings used to British Standards.

15. Title to goods will not pass ownership until such time as full payment is made.

16. This contract is solely between the customer named and Elements Fires – no other party is responsible for payment.